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every time i see someone i havent seen in a few months, or more, i am presented with this question: "what have you been up to?!" as much as i would love to flail my arms around and jump into a jubilant long winded description of what my life has been like over the last 6 years, i simply dont know how to do that anymore. i always hoped my life would be "interesting" but i never stopped to think about what "interesting" really means...

i live in the hood. im broke. im in debt. i have the most amazing friends in the world. im surrounded by art and music. i love all of them. i like to cook. there is a ringing in my right not worried about it. i am building out one of the most amazing spaces i have ever known, and i get to live and work within its walls. i am in love, i am out of love. i am proud of everything we have accompolished but cant help but feel slightly guilty in times of abundance. am i doing enough? im not really worried about it, but i think about it. i unabashedly want more more more... i embrace technology and the chaos it ignites. im not afraid of the future. i feel i owe my friends so much... i fucked up a little here and there. i dont regret any of it. i dont pretend to know what you want. i dont pretend to know that i have figured it out. i dont pay attention to politics. i dont vote. i barely pay my taxes and i dont have insurance. i have not been taking care of my body. i want to be healthy. i want to be "wealthy." i believe the world is about to change DRASTICALLY. i am ready to abandon ship if thats what needs to happen. i am ready to take over if thats what needs to happen. i am NOT ready to get a full time job and feel "cozy." i am beginning to understand. it doesnt matter if you know more than i do, or if i know more than you... i dont even know what that means. im happier than ive ever been and today looks fucking wonderful. everything will fall into place. just like we knew it would.


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