Hell on Earth and The Ghosts of Ambition

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I am completely tired of people complaining. The infrastructure of our conditional realities are becoming more and more transparent yet we insist on pretending that we don’t understand how things work, so we can continue to complain and brood over trivial matters as to assign some twisted form of responsibility to our otherwise gradually deflating egos. Even more dangerous, is when we apply the same paradigm to more than trivial matters, and pretend to ignore the larger machines behind the curtains…which aren’t really there at all. Our ambitions become stunted as we continue to cultivate fear and insignificance in a world regulated by vapid and elusive standards, stilted merely by the arbitrary mechanics of commerce and power.

We are fucking magicians. Sorcerers. God damn wizards and warriors…Yet we continue to self-loathe and bang our heads against the fabric of time. We have to realize that its not about “figuring it out.” Nothing is finite. It may be entirely possible that we are beginning to evolve beyond our binary architecture…all we have to do is acknowledge it. We have the ability to believe ANYTHING we want. it only begins there…

So we make art. We conjure up noises and arrange light in space. Somehow we feel okay when see something new…



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