Somatic Death, Soma Life

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Presented by Lumen Eclipse on two flat panel displays in Harvard Square from January to March 2010, and 24-hours a day on Lumen Eclipse

Curated by Jameson Wallace, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Sponsored by the Motion Graphics Festival

At the moment of separation of the body from the brain, our ability to differentiate thought from prosthetic breaks down. Our body extends as far as our effect, far beyond our ability to see it happen. Both the threat and promise of virtualization is that its nature will have a form of dance more appropriate to us than what we now call "human."

Feature Artist:
+ Alan Sondheim (US)

Context Artists:
+ Jean-Paul Frenay (Belgium)
+ Shantell Martin (Japan)
+ Addictive TV (UK)
+ Three Legged Legs & N.A.S.A. (US)



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