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modern language, as it lay, has given us the power to override the the mental tyranny of idolatry and its "idols" therein. however, the cyclical nature of our evolution has folded time in on itself once again, as the "idol" gains popularity within the superstructure of the once, enlightening and revolutionary, now prevalent and familiar modern language.

the ancient ideals of love, respect, gods and hierarchy have been tabled as just that; "ancient." through the "great divide" of communications after the fall of polytheism, we had hoped to gain a more practical understanding of our reality and the origin of our being. while accelerating at almost uncomfortable speeds to a seemingly hastily "enlightened" state, we suddenly look back at the ancient ideals and relearn the languages as if we had landed here from another planet, poking and prodding at our history as a foreign entity, catergorizing our discoveries, writing essays, expediting our efforts into foreign lands, smoking the leaves of the ancients, hoping to catch a glimpse of their prophecy. what was once commonplace, has become the infatuation and fantasy of a world cloaked in a kind of front end, humanized "GUI," allowing us to stay disconnected from the ACTUAL, therefore experiencing the PERPETUAL VIRTUAL.

while we have developed and possessed a great and beautiful power to use this kind of interface to vicariously re-experience our history, we have often mistaken this vicarious (virtual) experience to be the actual. "if we have learned it, we must BE it." what ancient languages and communication as a whole had achieved, was a kind of presence that was undeniable, as if to say, "this is the way it is, because this is the way we understand it NOW." the grandiose idea of the future was perhaps more a simple mathematical function, rather than the prophetic END OF LINE that has plagued the modern perception of our role in time and space, henceforth driving us to near madness trying to "understand" as much as we possibly can, before its too late.


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